“Year End Party” Happy New Year 2018

On February 9th 2018, Kayac Hanoi has successfully held the Year End Party to say goodbye to old year and welcome the new year with more than 30 members of the company.
The party started with the Director’s welcome speech and the video footage of 2017 which was made by company’s members.
Everyone has had a good time, laughing and enjoying the photos of all projects that teams has made, team building activities or company travel in 2017.

Following is the announcement of the MVP award to honor and inspire the most active and hardest working member in 2017. This year, there are 3 awards:
– MVP of the year
– Leader of the year
– Supporter of the year

“Supporter of the year” award is not an award for members who are directly involved in the work, but as a reward for the support staff who is always behind members directly involved in the work to support them.
The moment of annoucing the award, the nervousness appeared on every face.
The first award announced was MVP of the year. And the chosen one was Ha Doan. Although he is a new member joined the company since April 2017, but by his experience and knowledge, he was training for other members to create many quality animation. Not only that, he was also highly appreciated by his enthusiastic, active in every company activities or events, contributed to the success of the event.

Should have just stopped at annoucement of the MVP award, but “Leader of the year” and “Supporter of the year” award was secretly prepared and surprised everyone.
“Leader of the year” award was given to Tran Son Ha – Leader of 3D animation team. With good technical skills, he is a good leader who is always trusted by team members. With his lively spirit, 3D team has become a stronger team.

Final award – “Supporter of the year” was given to Dinh Thi Minh Phuong. Reliable members have contributed to the company for years as a translator and interpreter. She is familiar with all company’s projects and can translate complex technical words. Phuong is always remarked as a gentle and tenderness person.

Congratulations to all members who have received award!!

After the MVP awards announcement is puzzle game and Bingo. Each member was given a card, then selected and given a gift. In the Bingo game, there are quite a lot of members playing for the first time so the game was very exciting.

That was a very interesting party from the beginning to the end.

I will continue to go along with such fun, personality members to go further in 2018.

Let’s make 2018 amazing!!