Sports Day

A healthy and balanced lifestyle is an important thing contributing to the physical and mental development of each person. Therefore, December 2017, Kayac Hanoi held a “Sports Day” to enhance connectivity, team spirit, increase leadership skills, multicultural integration and especially the mental entertainment for each member in the company. With participation of all members and the preparation of Give team has created an exciting day for everyone.
Before going into the details of all activities, let’s find out some of the features of “Sports Day”. The company will be divided into four teams with four different colors: purple, light purple, blue and pink, and then choose the captain of each team: Le Sy Bang, Le The Quyen, Tran Son Ha and Pham Trong Hieu. The captain will lead and make decisions to bring victory to his team. The jury consisting of three people who will observe the entire competition to ensure the most accurate and fair results.
To warm up the spirit of all members, “hand-washing” exercise helps everyone warm up their bodies to prepare for all activities. After that the game has started. The entire competition has 7 challenges to competing and a side tournament for kids with attractive gifts.
The first challenge: running with 5 difficulty stages requires the proper assignment of the captain and the teamwork spirit of all members. The team who finish fastest will win the game. And of course that will be the plus point for the team through each challenge.
After completing 7 challenges, the team with the highest score will receive big prizes.
Next is the second challenge: throw darts. This game also requires the accuracy and meticulousness of each team member, the point of throwing darts of each team member will determine the outcome of the second challenge.
To add to the difficulty and recall the childhood of each member, may include the following activities:
Racing Challenge: In this round, each team will select “Golden Face” with enough skill to move to the finish line correct and fast. The game will qualify for the first, second, third and fourth teams.
Besides, we can not ignore the game call “chasing the flag” at the 4th challenge – a very popular Vietnamese folk game. This game is also played in qualifying, each team has 5 participants and listen to the referee called. This challenge makes all members more active, everyone wants to win so they always ready with 100% strength and agility.
The 5th challenge requires the perseverance and endurance of everyone in the team, as the game shakes. The rule is that everyone in a team will stand on A4 paper without touching the floor, and the team that stands and holds the longest will win. And the team with the highest record is the team that holds 3 minutes and 48 seconds.
The 6th challenge was “bird shooting”: this game is also played in qualifying, with two teams competing in a row, each team will nominate a “small bird” and select 7 people to protect the bird. If the “small bird” of the team is thrown the ball, that team will lose.
And finally the game that gives people the most effort and solidarity is the challenge called: “Fight the dragon”. This game is not only reminds the childhood memories of each person but also the decisive game of each team.

All the challenges have passed and everyone has had a good time. And moreover, THE WINNERS IS BLUE TEAM and captain Le The Quyen – with the score of 4 games. Then there is Tran Son Ha’s team with pink color- the score is very close to 3 games. 3rd prize belongs to Le Sy Bang team with dark purple and 4th prize belong to Pham Trong Hieu team with light purple color. After all, everyone went to the resting place, restoring energy. The company has a memorable team building activities, sports training and increased solidarity of all members.