How We Greet The Morning In Kayac Ha Noi

One of the unskippable culture feature in Kayac Ha Noi is the way we start a new day of work by holding a morning greeting ceremony (aka Chourei).

Everyday, in the Chourei, all staffs gather. Each chourei is a chance for us to listen to a member shareing about that person’s work or personal information. That helps us to understand each other better and also sharing funny stories of each other.
By doing so, we find ourselves a source of energy and a joyful spirit to do our job as well as inspiring the others. And our group can start a new, effective day of work.
Moreover, everyday we can learn from our workplace a lesson or earn a new experience. From those gains, we can relfect on ourselves to see if ourselves are really good or not. We can also speak up about what we learnt from those experieces. That helps us in learning from each other and getting along better. And it’s a really good way to strengthen our bonds in group. Only a united group can make a good working environtment and achive best result.
When we share our stories everyday, we can be always happy and getting to a common thought that only when we work with our hearts, our jobs can be meaningful and effective.
That’s how we start our workday. No matter how sad or tired we are, the joyful atmosphere in the Chourei will help you getting over it and work happily