One Day With Unity Team At Kayac Hanoi

In the beginning of August 2017, we received an annoucement of developing an exciting, brand new 3D game.
We also received a proposal from Unity Team Singapore for their workshop meeting. In recent years, Unity has been focusing in training as well as supporting for game studios in Vietnam by holding this kind of workshop meeting. We felt really lucky for having a chance to welcome Unity team in Ha Noi office.

Due to our programmer’s schedule was tight at that time, the workshop meeting has been postponed until Aug. 15th, 2017.
We’ve been looking forward to this meeting. Because all team members were expecting to discuss with Singaporean experts about new techniques, working experience. At last, we have had our meeting with enthusiastic experts. With the positive working attitude from experts, the meeting has lasted for more than 3 hours and explained many brief but practical contents.

Mr Boon Yi Fei, an expert with many years in using and developing Unity. As a developer, he has a firm knowledge of matters that programmers have to deal with in the progress of developing game. He also understands functions that are good for artists.
Meeting’s agenda had a diversity that even 3-4 hours of the meeting are not enough for everyone to understand fully.
But, our team has summarize the basic content in order to do further research in the future.

The basic content of game optimization includes expert’s suggestions for game developing progress.
In order for games to run smoothly with high frame rate and good quality, optimization is one important step. It includes the following subjects.
GPU optimization is about optimizing in using graphic objects, light objects, shader, particle, draw call optimization.
CPU optimization is aiming to optimizing calculating progress, to minimize complicated calculation in loops.
Memory optimization is using Pooling technique to reuse game objects, in order to prevent memory parting, which will affect game performance.

Also in this meeting, new functions of Unity 2017 have been displayed. Such as :C inemachine, and Timeline.
These functions allow artists, game designser to make videos, animations in a flexible way. They also help to shorten the duration of game graphic development.

In short, workshop meeting has been successfully held with the help from Unity. Kayac Ha Noi has been fully confident to develop better games in the upcoming time.