Designer Tien

Which parts that design team is currently doing?

Currently our design team is working on:
– Designing 2D game projects
– Modeling and animations for 3D game projects

Design team consists of which members?

– There are 2 subs in design team, 2D and 3D
– Members including 2 leaders, 4 designers and artist, and 11 members in 3D modeling and animation.

What is it like working in Kayac Hanoi?

– Kayac Hanoi is a professional company, yet full of friendliness and fun. Our office suits for works that require creativity. Members are very close to each other and helpful just like a family.

Which designers are you currently recruiting?

– Kayac Hanoi always welcomes ambitious designers, who love games, designing, and especially game designing.
– We’re recruiting Game Designers, Game Artists, 3D Modelers, Animators.