Create more creators

To create, is to face with yourself.People realise of their standard values of what he/she "feels beautiful or ugly", "likes and dislikes".And once thay are able to see everything with your value, not what others said, they start to see their own way that leads to their happiness.Creating, will lead to society that allows everyone to be covered in happiness.

CREATIVEVirtual YouTuber

If you want to create a Virtual Youtuber model, leave it to the experienced company like KICK ENTERTAINMENT!

Creative Client Work

We would be glad to accept your offers in planning, developing, operating game applications, designing 3D/2D materials and VRs. We have strong experience with VR, so if you are interested in VR, why not work with KICK ENTERTAINMENT!


OriginalGame Develop

We have worked on planning, developing and operating many casual social games, and one of them our representative game, Stickman Stricker.